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Nigerian Navy DSSC Past Questions and Answers 2019/2020

Nigerian Navy (DSSC) Recruitment Past Questions and Answers 2019/2020

Nigerian Navy DSSC Past Questions and Answers 2019/2020: In anticipation to the upcoming screening and physical fitness assessment of the Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Course Commission 26 recruitment exercise, scheduled to commence soon. We have compiled the past questions and answers for shortlisted candidates who will be taking part in the Nigerian Navy Aptitude Test Examination and Quiz Competition.

The Nigerian Navy (NN) past questions and answers comprise of current affairs, general knowledge, history, quantitative reasoning etc. Enclosed below are the past questions for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Aptitude test/examination.

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1) The Nigerian Navy was formally established by the act of parliament in
a) 1963
b) 1957
c) 1964
d) 1976.

2) The NN was brought out of the Nigerian police force (NPF) in
a) 1946
b) 1956
c) 1958
d) 1964.

3) The last colonial Governor General of Nigeria was
a) Tulma Goldie
b) James Robertson
c) Huge Clifford
d) Lord Lugard.

4) The first world war was between
a) 1911-1914
b) 1914-1916
c) 1916-1918
d) 1914-1918.

5) The first African country to introduce e-passport was
a) South Africa
b) Ghana
c) Liberia
d) Nigeria.

6) The first secretary General of common wealth was
a) George Washington
b) Tulma Goldie
c) Arnold smith
d) Joseph Garba.

7) The first military president of Nigeria was
a) Sanni Abacha
b) Ibrahim Babangida
c) Aguiyi Ironsi
d) Yakubu Gowon.

8) Which of the following may be regarded as a regional organization
b) OAU
c) UN
d) OPEC.

9) Nigeria changed from pounds to Naira in
a) 1960
b) 1973
c) 1959
d) 1963.

10) The Secretary general of OPEC is
a) Abdulsaleam Kanuri
b) Abudullahhi El-badri
c) Utuhu Kamirideen
d) Philip Effiong.

11) The current secretary general of United nation is
a) Ban ki Moon
b) Trugve Lie
c) Koffi Anaan
d) Boustro-Brouste Ghali.

12) In order to qualify for the post of President in Nigeria the person must be _____ and above
a) 35 years
b) 20 years
c) 40 years
d) 55 years.

13) The name Nigeria coined out of
a) Niger Forest
b) Niger Area
c) Niger River
d) Niger Textures.

14) The first Inspector General of the Police Force was
a) Teslim Balogun
b) Louis Edet
c) Ademola Adetokunbo
d) Elias Balogon.

15) The current secretary general or commission chairman of Africa union is
a) Dlamini Zuma
b) Allasane Quattara
c) Emeka Anaoku
d) H. Desategn.

16) The current president of commission or secretary is of ECOWAS
a) H.Desategn
b) Kadre Desire Quedraogo
c) Allasane Quattara
d) Ike Ekweremalu.

17) The headquarter of UN is in
a) New York
b) Washington
c) Geneva
d) Vienna.

18) UNO was founded in San Francisco in
a) 1939
b) 1914
c) 1945
d) 1950.

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