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National Identity Card Registration

National Identity Card Registration Centres for NIMC Enrolment

National Identity Card Registration Form 2019/2020 –www.nimc.gov.ng is the official portal where all National Identity Card Registration is done. The ID Card is a portable document that contains all your information, this serves as a means of identification which you will be required to carry along while transacting or doing any business.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), was created in the year 2007 with the aim of providing assured identity system in Nigeria. National Identity Management Commission became fully operational in the year 2012 and after then has facilitated the registration of millions of Nigerian in the National Identity Card Registration process.

Check National Identity Card Registration Procedures | How To Register For National Identity Card

  • Visit the National Identity Management Commission Official Portal via http://www.nimc.gov.ng to apply.
  • Fill your information and proceed to print out the application form with Registration Identification Number and a 2D Barcode.
  • Visit any of their offices to scan the barcode which has all your information.

Check National Identity Card Registration Procedures | How To Apply | Application Guide and Requirement

  • Confirm and verify your information on the system.
  • Proceed to do your biometrics fingerprint, photograph, and signature would be captured.
  • Proceed to submit all your documents for scanning.
  • You will get an acknowledgment slip which contains (a) NIN Slip indicating completion of enrollment (b) and Transaction Slip.
  • Done! You will be contacted when your National Identity Card is ready.

National Identity Card Requirement:

Those who wish to register most upload any of the below documents which will serve as a proof of identity.

  • Voter’s ID card.
  • Valid Driver’s license.
  • Valid International passport.
  • State of origin certificate.
  • staff ID card.
  • Birth certificate/declaration of age

National Identity Card FAQS

What is a national ID? – This is an optional national identity card number also known as the social security number (SSN), this is a 9 digit number given to United State citizens temporary and permanent residents which serve as a means of identification and tracking citizens for taxation purposes.

What is Nimc number? – This was created by the Federal Government Agency by the NIMC Act No. 23 of 2007. The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) was created to facilitate the registration National Identity Card and to give unique National Identification Number (NIN).

What does National Identity Document Mean? – This is a plastic card with digital embedded information issued in form of paper, this is used for verification porpuses. And it is known as identity card (IC).

What is the meaning of NIN? – This is known as nine (9) inch nail and founded in 1988, by Trent Reznor in Cleveland, Ohio. Who was an American industrial rock band.

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